Oracle (part 2)

For a long time he simply stood, unsure of how to even ask for help. What was it he needed now? It was no use asking where he was, it was no use asking questions at all, language was worthless to him in this moment, but what wasn't? He felt the soft push of bodies brushing against his and occasionally a scent would…


The Lookout

I've been playing around which this increasing group of characters for a while now, and I'm thinking it's time to start properly writing some of this stuff down and releasing it into the wild. Although I have something more elaborate and many chaptered under way this is just a little moment between two characters (in

Let Hannibal Play

NBC's Hannibal is a detective thriller based on the popular characters from the Thomas Harris books and their movie adaptations, or at least, Hannibal wears a detective thriller skin suit, but how convincing is it really? Is that a fantasy show we can see peeking out behind the stitches?